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Are you juggling a lot of different priorities, a limited budget, staff, time....
Still need results? Our team of experts works as an extension of your team and delivers everything you need, anytime you need it. Regardless of the type of project or service area in which you need our help, our expert teams are always ready to help you. We combine functionality with exceptional design skills to achieve real results.

Web Design & Development

One Click is your full-service web design and development company. We are designers and creators of unique online services that stimulate traffic and conversion.

App Development

As an expert in mobile application development, OneClick can create the app that will meet all your business and industry needs by combining technical proficiency with ease-of-use.

Our Process

This is how we consistently create first-class websites. We use these steps in every web design project to ensure a thorough and strategic approach.

1. Build a Sitemap

What do your visitors want to see? We create pages that answer their questions and help sell your products. We don't just make a list of pages in Excel, we use site mapping to visually represent pages on a website in a hierarchical order.

2. Visual Design

At the design stage of the project, we are going to look at each page and design it using a tool called Adobe XD, and also show you exactly how it will look after commissioning. Based on your opinion, we will adapt the design according to your needs before we start the development process.

3. We Build Your Website

This is where we take your approved design and create them. Once the initial development is complete, we go through our internal quality assurance processes to make sure everything meets the standards required for an exceptional website.

4. Launch

As soon as your website is up and running, we will be here for you! We offer various options to support your business on a monthly basis, depending on your needs. After that, we will make our recommendations for you regarding the next steps you should take to get the most out of your new website.

Packages That Meet Your

We make sure to provide you with unique, purposeful, effective and affordable
Website Design & Development
Packages with full exclusive customization to
cater to your specific needs.
There are four packages: Mini, Basic, Plus and Premium. For each of these packages we can offer you a great advantage which is payment in 12 monthly installments. This option is possible even for the cheapest package.

  • Starter

    $250 /

  • 1-2 Page Website
  • Theme Based Design
  • Stock Photography
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Forms Included
  • Paid plugins not included
  • Additional $99 if you prefer custom design

    $450 /

  • 3-5 Page Website
  • Theme Based Design
  • Stock Photography
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Forms Included
  • Paid plugins included
  • Additional $199 if you prefer custom design
  • Professional

    $950 /

  • 6-8 Page Website
  • Custom Design
  • Stock Photography
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Forms Included
  • Paid plugins included
  • No additional charge if Custom Design Included


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